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Frankly speaking, to order a paper from Evolutionwriters.com was an impulsive decision I made during the second year of my studies.

Not that I regret it or anything, I just did it without thinking that I could be scammed.

Luckily, I wasn’t.

Moreover, I received a well-structured paper that was delivered on time, and that is the good news for all students looking for reliable academic writing help.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

At that moment, I was very tired to do another assignment, and all I really wanted was to spend some time with my friends somewhere outside the college. The problem was that I needed that paper ASAP and, therefore, had to make a choice. That is where my friend told me about Evolutionwriters. And guess what?

I placed the order without giving it a second thought. Finally, I had my free time to do something else except writing numerous papers. Well, you know what I mean!

Only the next day, I went to Google for some information about Evolutionwriters.com. Basically, I was satisfied with the results I found, except for maybe some shortcomings. However, let’s go through it all point by point!

1. Evolutionwriters.com Website Review

In general, the Evolutionwriters.com website leaves a positive impression. A good use of color, easy-to-read text, quality photos – it is undoubtedly visually appealing and rather informative. Moreover, it is simple and easy to use, so that you don’t need to spend precious minutes trying to find their prices or an order form. However, since I didn’t find About Us page, I decided to continue my search.

Here is the result.

Evolutionwriters Registrar Data

Evolutionwriters Registrar Data

The https://secure.trust-guard.com/certificates/7426. As for me, I contacted Evolutionwriters via online chat, so that I can’t confirm personally that their telephone numbers work, though I’m sure they do.

Evolutionwriters Trust Guard

Evolutionwriters Trust Guard

In a nutshell, the Evolutionwriters.com website is well-designed and easy-to-use. The company did a great job to make it look the way it does. The only problem is that they don’t offer mobile apps, which is the sad news indeed. After all, such apps can make customer experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. Hope, this will change soon!

2. Online Customer Reviews

evolutionwriters.com trustpilot review

Evolutionwriters.com Trustpilot.com Review

No one will argue with the fact that finding a reliable academic writing service is not that easy since there are lots of scammers and frauds online. This is where customer reviews (like this one) can come in handy. Here is what I have found about Evolutionwriters on other websites:

That’s true. Evolutionwriters offer one of the best price-to-performance ratios in the business. Their prices are truly very attractive, especially taking into account the quality of papers they deliver.

evolutionwriters sitejabber review 2

Evolutionwriters Sitejabber Review

Frankly speaking, it was a pleasant surprise for me to get a paper of such a quality for that price. Not that everything was perfect but close.

Well, I partially agree with the Evie’s comment. I don’t remember that I ever received a notification about my order updates from Evolutionwriters. However, I disagree that you cannot trust them. After all, who cares about text notifications if you get your custom-written paper on time? I don’t! Moreover, you can always request a VIP service and a personal manager who will monitor all changes in your order and personally send you notifications.

evolutionwriters sitejabber review 4

Evolutionwriters Sitejabber Review #2

That is exactly my case.

College is not only about studying. It is also about developing a social life, making friends, and having fun. It’s the time when we can become whoever we want, so let’s not forget about it. Therefore, if you are like Nata and me, and want to enjoy all the benefits of college life, Evolutionwriters can help you with that.

evolutionwriters sitejabber review 3

Evolutionwriters Sitejabber Review #3

Although I didn’t try to call Evolutionwriters and contacted them via only online chat, I still can confirm that they are very responsive to messages. Every time I asked something about my order, they replied quickly and clearly. Indeed, this company provides a good customer support service.

evolutionwriters sitejabber review

Evolutionwriters Sitejabber Review #4

Needless to say that if someone orders 20 papers from the same academic writing company, it is, at least, deserves your attention. As for me, I can add a few words about free revisions and plagiarism. First of all, the delivered work was not plagiarized at all (I use Copyscape to check all my papers), but it contained one or two typos.

That’s not a big problem, I think, but I asked for a revision. Evolutionwriters apologized for that and polished my paper for free. Taking into account the price I paid for my order, the final paper was just perfect.

Here are only several of the numerous testimonials that can be found on the Internet. I have just underlined the most important things you need to know. Certainly, there are also lots of negative reviews intended to discourage potential clients from placing orders with Evolutionwriters but do not believe everything you read. Most of them are simply ungrounded. If you try this company, you will understand what I am talking about.

3. Evolutionwriters.com Prices

As it has been already said, Evolutionwriters offer affordable prices to match the budget of every student. They are not the lowest, but they are definitely reasonable taking into consideration the quality of papers they deliver.

evolutionwriters prices

Evolutionwriters.com Prices

As you can see, the pricing system offered by Evolutionwriters is very simple and flexible. The final price depends on several factors: your subject area, number of pages, deadline (you can choose between 3 hours and 2 weeks), academic level (Undergraduate, Bachelor, or Professional), and, certainly, the type of assignment.

For example, one page of essay with Undergraduate quality costs from $9.97 (14 days deadline) up to $41 with 3-hour deadline. In general, the situation is similar to the pricing policies of other academic writing companies – the shorter the deadline, the higher the price per page. So if you want to save some money, don’t wait until the last minute!

Along with affordable prices, Evolutionwriters offer a great loyalty program that allows getting bonuses from the payment for every single order. Thus, you get 10% as a bonus after your first order is complete and can use it to pay for your next order. Moreover, Evolutionwriters also offer a 10% discount if the cost of your order exceeds $1000 and a 5% discount if it exceeds $500.

It is also worth noting that Evolutionwriters offer various payment options. You can send the payment through PayPal, Moneybookers, or Gate2Shop, as well as use your credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).

As for me, I made a payment with PayPal as consider it to be the most reliable and flexible system existing today. Besides, I did not even have to register in order to make a payment. It was as easy as 1-2-3. However, if you don’t like PayPal for any reason, you may always choose any other payment method. Luckily, Evolutionwriters give you such a choice.

4. Evolutionwriters.com Paper Review


Evolutionwriters.com Paper Sample #1

Now comes the most important (for me at least): the actual paper writing. This time, I had a task for an essay on wireless electricity operation. Don’t ask me how and why I had to compose the assignment on wireless technology, since I generally don’t remember what made me enroll to the Technology course. That was a period of intense experimentation and ambiguity regarding my future profession… So, as a result of my creative search for life destination, I found myself in the challenging situation of writing Technology assignments.


Evolutionwriters.com Paper Sample #2

That task was for a 3-4-page essay on wireless electricity that had to be written in APA style. The work overall was good, with a concise introduction, a section dedicated to wireless technology operation, assessment of electricity technology that preceded the development of wireless electricity designs, and a detailed discussion of inductive coupling and capacitive coupling – something I find hard to understand even now. Sorry, engineers – that’s not my piece of cake! However, even with scarce, general understanding of information in the essay I ordered, I got a B+ grade for it, and the supervisor admitted that he did not expect such a well-thought and detailed paper from a girl like me (I guess he knew I would not pursue a career in engineering).


Evolutionwriters.com Paper Sample #3

Anyway, I can give a firm positive assessment of the paper’s quality, with no considerable flaws in writing, style, paper organization, formatting of references in the APA style, and the general appearance of the paper.

5. Evolutionwriters Social Networking Activity

For today, millions of companies use social networks as a means to gather and share information, promote their product, recruit employees, communicate with customers, and do many other things. As you might have already guessed, Evolutionwriters.com is not an exception. I have found their pages on Facebook and Twitter and now want to share this information with you.

Evolutionwriters on Facebook

The Evolutionwriters community page was created on April 2014. As of December 2016, they have 336 followers, which is certainly not much compared to some other academic writing companies. However, you can still find there some funny jokes about student life, cute pictures, and interesting facts posted every week. Besides, if you are a Facebook user, you can get a 10% discount for your first academic assignment with Evolutionwriters.

Evolutionwriters on Twitter

The Evolutionwriters page on Twitter is similar to that on Facebook. It was also created on April 2014 and has almost the same posts. Despite this, they try to update it every week and also offer a discount for users. As of December 2016, the Evolutionwriters page has only 219 followers.

Not that I think Evolutionwriters pages on Facebook and Twitter are useless, but the company should definitely do something more interesting with their posts to attract more potential clients. However, the good news is that you can still use discounts they offer on social networks.

6. Deadline

As for compliance with deadlines, I would like to say that I was generally content with the timing of the service. The hardest moment is to pay for the paper and wait until a writer is assigned; this is rarely included into reviews of academic writing services because it is generally not within the scope of deadline compliance. However, this is what worries me most, especially given that I placed my orders in the final moment, realizing that I will not be physically able to compose the essay on my own. Hence, I spent the hardest 18 hours of my life waiting for the writer at Evolutionwriters, though my order was placed with a 3-day deadline. I found that quite stressful, huh, and when the writer was finally found, that was a relief.

I know it is my personal, subjective evaluation, I got my paper 8 hours ahead of the deadline, so I have nothing to complain of. But I recommend these guys to make a more effective system of speedy writer assignment for orders with less than 5 days of deadline, as this may be VERY stressful.

7. Evolutionwriters.com Trustworthy Score

Summarizing all of the above, if you are looking for affordable academic writing help, you may consider Evolutionwriters.com since they do deliver well-written papers without hitting your wallet. As for me, the company’s biggest problem is that they don’t offer mobile apps, which makes customer experience less pleasant and, as a result, affects their ranking position on my list. Nevertheless, I can still recommend Evolutionwriters as a reliable academic writing company able to provide you with good-quality papers at a reasonable price.



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    Oh, I was searching for a new essay writing to company (I met some scams, but still need academic help). So now Evolutionwriters are on my legit and trustworthy companies list.

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      Julius, it’s always so stressful to be scammed by any online service, and I assure you that on my blog I review only legit companies!

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