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As a student, you are either struggling emotionally, financially, or academically.

I was all three.

Lots of writing assignments, lack of time, limited budget, and numerous challenges we all face in university or college.

Hey, what about parties? Don’t tell me, you don’t like to party!

As for me, I was pretty excited about them.

After all, student life is not only about studying. It is also about pure joy, humor, art, and freedom of spirit. I’m not saying that studying is not important. On the contrary, it is the primary duty of every student, but you should not spend all your time in reading and learning.

So what’s the way out?

While being a student, I tried to combine my studies, extracurricular activities, meetings with friends, and many other things. Therefore, I perfectly understand your worries, as sometimes it is simply impossible to catch everything at once. This is when I decided to try academic writing help, and I was right! However, before I chose the best essay writing service, I had made a kind of research. You know what? I found one, and now I can say with confidence that is exactly what you need if you want to solve any of your academic writing problems!

Here is my review. Hope, it will be informative and useful to you, as I have really tried to gather all the information about its features and services.

1. Website Review

Getting ahead of myself, I want to say that the website left a good impression right from the very moment I found it.

Simple and clear, it is definitely designed by professionals who care about their reputation and customer convenience. However, the first thing I did was find all possible information about its founders and credibility. After all, the biggest problem people encounter when searching for a reliable customer writing help is scam services.

So what have I found? is registered to Privacy Protection Service INC located in Queensland, Australia. The website’s IP address is, and it’s not listed in the blacklist. registrant information

For more information about domain and hosting, please visit

Besides, the website offers a clear About Us page with necessary contact details and toll-free telephone numbers that do work (checked by myself).

In general, is very easy to use and navigate, which makes it a handy tool each time you need to order a college paper. It takes just a few seconds to find exactly what you are looking for with all related to it information. By the way, the company also offers well-designed mobile apps for both, Android and iOS devices, that can be found on App Store respectively. In other words, has done everything to make customer experience pleasant.

2. Online Customer Reviews

Once everything is clear with the company’s credibility, it’s high time to read other customers’ reviews and testimonials.

Here are just some of them I have found on different websites: review 1 from

Review #1 from

I agree 100 percent! All papers I ordered from were written from scratch according to my requirements and recommendations. All of them were with no trace of plagiarism. No wonder, the company guarantees the uniqueness of each essay, article, course work, or dissertation they provide. Moreover, you can be sure that your paper will be properly referenced and cited. review 2 from

Review #2 from

Let me add a few words about the customer support service provided by Based on my own experience, customer support managers are always there ready to answer any questions and to solve any problem. They are available 24/7 so that you could place an order or request its status at any time. Managers are always friendly and helpful. review 3 from

Review #3 from

Well, discounts may play a crucial role indeed. Luckily, offers its customers an attractive Loyalty Program and always has certain bonuses and discounts for newbies. So don’t forget to use them when placing an order! review 1 from

Review from

The quality of work is probably the most important criteria to look for when choosing an academic writing service. I’m sure that has a stringent hiring process, as all writers I dealt with were real professionals. I used both options, “Regular writer” and “TOP writer,” and can confidently say that they know exactly how to deliver the best result. My advice to you is to choose the TOP status writer in case you need a truly excellent paper able to bring you an A+.

When it comes to customer reviews, it is impossible that all of them are positive. After all, there are as many opinions as there are people. When I was looking for some reviews for the first time, they actually didn’t help me much because of their controversial nature. This is probably one of the reasons why I’m writing this review right now. Hope, it will help other students make an informed decision.

3. Prices

When searching for an academic writing company, the price always plays a crucial role. When I say always, I mean it.

Even if a company has the best recommendations, too high prices force students to look for alternatives.

On the contrary, if the prices are too low to be true, be aware of such a company as, most likely, it’s a scam, or they simply deliver works of poor quality. As for, you may notice that they charge rather affordable prices compared to most of their competitors. Yes, they are not the lowest, but taking into account the quality this company provides, they are very attractive and tailored to fit the budget of nowadays’ students.

Moreover, accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal payments.

paperhelp prices Prices

Depending on your deadline (you can choose between 14 days and 3 hours), prices increase progressively. In addition, the price also depends on the academic level you need: Undergraduate, Bachelor, or Professional.

For example, a custom written paper of the Undergraduate level will cost you from $10 to $41 per page while the same paper of the Professional level will cost you from $19 to $56 per page. As you may have already guessed, the sooner you place the order, the cheaper it is for you.

Along with custom written academic papers, offers a whole range of other services that are also priced very reasonably. For instance, if you need editing or proofreading services, it will cost you from $6 per page while writing good multiple choice questions will cost you from only $1 per question.

Besides, you have a chance to order some extra services, like

  • VIP Customer Service
  • Plagiarism Report
  • Preferred Writer
  • Table of Contents
  • and others.

Although each of them requires additional payment, sometimes it is better to have such an option than not to have it at all.

4. Paper Review

A vital dimension of any academic writing service is the quality of papers they submit to customers. Personally I managed to make sure in PaperHelp’s excellent quality of writing in two works I ordered from them – one in Psychology and one in Economics.

I study and work part-time, so the lack of time is catastrophic when exams are coming.

Failing to complete all tasks on time, I first turned to PaperHelp writers to write an essay on Human Resource Management; it was a task about personality evaluation in management, a 4-page essay in APA style.

I was pleasantly surprised when I read the ready paper; it was formatted and referenced in full compliance with APA standards, with well-grounded arguments, with a concise conclusion and introduction.

essaygoddess psychology_personality theory_apa_bachelor paperhelp sample Psychology Essay Sample

PaperHelp ensures checking the orders for plagiarism, but I always prefer to make sure in that on my own. When I run the plagiarism check with Grammarly and Copyscape, I was pleasantly surprised that the work shows 100% originality, a rare treat from academic writing sources! Needless to say, all used sources were properly referenced in the reference list, the paper had a good-looking title page, headers, and everything else an APA paper for a fair grade should have.

essaygoddess psychology_personality theory_apa_bachelor paperhelp sample 2 Psychology Essay Sample #2

In one word: FLAWLESS.

Impressed by the quality of writing, I also ordered a paper on Economics; my problem is that I hardly understand economic issues and concepts, but earning a degree in Management involves unavoidable Economics assignments. This time, guys from PaperHelp were again of immense help for me, writing the essay in an informative manner, completing it in full correspondence with MLA formatting and referencing requirements, and making it look polished. Copyscape and Grammarly were again speechless – 100% original!

essaygoddess economics_macroeconomics-analysis-of-the-united-states-military-retirement-system_mla_undergraduate Sample Economy Essay Sample

Based on these two positive experiences, I do not doubt who to turn to in case of future academic emergencies – PaperHelp is always there to give me a helping hand with any types of assignments, for any discipline, and with any deadline!

5. Social Networking Activity

No one will argue with the fact that social networks are already an integral part of our life. They help us stay in touch with each other, keep up with news, share photos and videos, and build useful contacts as well. This is true not only for people but also for businesses. is not an exception, which is another proof of the company’s reliability. However, I have noticed that they are not as popular as some other similar websites and don’t have many followers, but they do try to change the situation. This is clearly seen by their recent activity.

Here is some information I have found about on social networks: on facebook

  • on Facebook

This Community Page was created on August 2014. Since then, they have posted many interesting, funny, and useful life hacks, images, and notes about student life, academic writing problems, environment, etc.

For today, has only 303 followers on Facebook, but they are still very responsive to messages and update this page every week. on Twitter

  • on Twitter

The situation on Twitter is almost the same as it is on Facebook. The company’s account was created on April 2014. For today, has 200+ tweets and 300+ followers, which doesn’t prevent them from regularly updating this page. Funny photos, useful tips, and helpful information – everything is there!

Now then, the reason I tell you all this is that offers a 10% discount for clients from Facebook and Twitter. I think it’s enough to make friends with them!

6. Deadline

A company’s ability to work within tough deadline is one of the primary hallmarks of customer service for me.

I bet you also do not plan to pay several hundreds of dollars to some guy to write your essay one month before submission?

Right, that usually happens on the last night before the exam, when you are torn between three assignments, equally important for your grade, and you believe until the last moment that you will do it yourself! But the bitter truth comes out when you are exhausted, your mind does not work, and your desperate efforts to write an essay on Economics for five pages within 3 hours do not work at all.

Then comes the idea that somebody else can do it for you, and it is better to pay for the work rather than fail the grade… But here’s the problem – the assignment is due tomorrow! This is exactly what happened – I understood that I simply can’t do that, both physically and mentally, on the evening before submission, with 15 hours remaining to the final deadline.

OMG! You might think that it is impossible – but PaperHelp were so helpful!

They proved that impossible is possible, and completed my essay within 14 hours. I was speechless, that was superb service that took my desperate situation into account and saved my grade and reputation. They also promise to complete small assignments even within 3 hours; frankly speaking, I did not test this service yet, but if I face the desperate pressing deadline and mounting workloads in studies someday in future, I know who can help within the shortest timespan.

7. Trustworthy Score

All I have written above is my own opinion based on my personal experience of dealing with

Now I can say with confidence, this academic writing company is one of the best existing today. High-quality works, affordable prices, friendly 24/7 customer support, a variety of discounts, and the ability to meet even the most urgent deadline definitely make it worth your attention.

Certainly, there are many other similar companies online, but this one is truly exceptional in terms of reliability and convenience. So if you need any help with writing or editing your papers, I highly recommend you to try You will never regret such a choice!

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    Paperhelp reviewed and edited my own paper in the specified time frame. When I compared the changes made in it, I saw how professionally the writer possess the skills of using English structures and formatting in APA style. Thanks for your review!

  • Linda says:

    If you still wonder: it was definitely informative and useful review! Probably will need their help after spring break.

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